Ask a small business owner about credit card processing fees and get ready … you’ve likely hit on one of their greatest frustrations.

It’s all due to a lack of competition. Big banks and credit card companies work hard to preserve their stranglehold of the credit card routing market.

By not having to compete with each other, they can keep raising costs and profiting off high card fees – while small businesses and consumers pay the price.

The Credit Card Competition Act would fix this broken market.

Tell your senator to support the Credit Card Competition Act!

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Highest Swipe Fees in the World
— And Going Higher


  • U.S. swipe fees are the highest in the industrialized world – more than 7 TIMES the maximum allowed charge in Europe (0.3%).
  • Swipe fees have more than doubled over the past decade due to a lack of competition.
  • Swipe fees are most merchants’ highest operating cost after labor, and drive up prices paid by consumers. This costs the average American family over $1,000 a year at a time they can least afford it. That’s a huge hidden card fee, far higher than the annual fee for even the fanciest premium credit card.
  • Visa and Mastercard have captured 80% of the payments marketplace, dictating the fees that small businesses must pay – with small Main Street merchants hit the hardest, paying higher rates than larger competitors.

This legislation will help inject much-needed competition into credit card processing. 92 percent of small business owners said that they want a choice when it comes to processing their credit card transactions. Right now, they don’t have that. What they want is a level playing field.”

Brad Close, NFIB President